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Knowfakes Benefits

Instant Verification

Verify genuineness of a product in real-time, while purchasing or accepting delivery of it.

Single Solution

One stop solution for consumers and brand owners, eliminating need to change and remember colour schemes, logo, holograms and standards of different products.

Reward Programs

Brands can run direct Reward & Loyalty programs for customers, retailers. Eliminate cut and leakages caused Intermediary agencies / distributors

Increased Trust

Adds to positive brand image and increased trust.

Who we are

KNOWFAKESTM is an anti-counterfeiting and loyalty touch point solution that helps brand owners, manufacturers or national sole distributors of a consumer product by eliminating their duplicate or illicit version from the market.It is a state of the art solution that amalgamate the platforms of IT and Telecom,web and mobile to provide help.

For consumers, KNOWFAKESTM aims to counter the growing challenge of counterfeiting. It addresses the need to check authenticity of a consumer product in real-time by engaging the consumer and our back end system.It delivers aprecision control information to a consumer based on a combination of product/brand category,verification location and listing of +ve or–ve marked regions in our ever improving database.

For brands, KNOWFAKESTM,improves sales data collection, setting trends at granular level, saves cost spent on currently prevailed passive anti-counterfeiting measures and help run a great Reward and Loyalty program for customers,retailers and other influencers.

Why choose us

unique Ideas

The only service that provides 360 degree protection and accessibility of consumer to brand owner or vice-versa

Real Time

Don’t waste your time in knowing about nuances of every product pack. Just use a single KnowFakes TM code and be rest assured for product authenticity

Cost effectiveness

Brands, stop spending on reactive measures over and above the business losses caused by counterfeiting. KNOWFAKES TM helps in lifting both, bottom and top line.

Modern & Simple

As easy as sending a SMS (Telecom channel) or updating your social media status using KNOWFAKES TM mobile app.

our services

SMS & Web Based Verification

Verify a product by submitting a KNOWFAKESTM code over SMS or at Online

Download Mobile App

Consumers, use our mobile application for all our services. Brands, get direct in touch with consumers

Digital Marketing

Brands, use the platform to share your information on anti-counterfeiting. Consumers, share your verifications, make your friends aware

Expert Assisance

Need guidance ton consumer affairs, take assistance form our team of experts on different matters.

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