About Us

Who we are

We are a team of professionals dedicated to stop the menace of counterfeiting and help consumers and brands. There are 17 industries that we have identified where KNOWFAKESTM solution can help eliminate the sale of duplicate and illicit products. Unlike traditional methods of placing logo, holograms or trying to set a distinct colour pattern on product packs, KNOWFAKESTM does a proactive jobby giving identity to each packet out there in the market so you can uniquely verify it. We kill the business model of the counterfeiters so one does not have to go to testing laboratories to ascertain the quality of the product, or, follow up with legal system to punish the duplicators. So far, brands that have joined us, their consumers have been able to verify genuine products with help of a simple SMS or our mobile app and web website. This had greatly benefited them in taking safe buying decisions in real-time

Stem of the problem


Global impact of counterfeiting erodes 7 to 8% of business revenue. Few industries and brands are bearing the burnt of up to 200% business loss.


Prevailing passive methods (govt. standards, logos, holograms, advertisements etc.) are inadequate and fail to contain the problem.They just don’t provide direct and real-time help.


Post purchase helps are reactive as it gets into the loop of labyrinth processes of collection of artefacts and establishing of illicit trade. No single data collection point to highlight issue with a product, brand or affected area of counterfeit operation.


Limitations in hand causes a major disadvantage to businesses to carry out effective anti-counterfeiting and marketing strategies..

What we do to eradicate the problem

  • Easy to use solution over SMS, mobile application, website and even voice based response.
  • Requires very little, one-time, awareness of the consumer to start using it. Applicable to all consumer products, irrespective of their matter, usage, end consumer demographics and geographies.
  • Establishes direct connect with consumer and validate a product at the time of purchase.
  • Eliminates counterfeiting by breaking the business model of counterfeits.
  • No legal hassle involved. Pro-active prevention system.
  • Gather the most authentic consumer data.
  • Create niche and specific awareness campaigns.