Fake tyre tubes - A matter of life and death

Duplicate tubes of most trusted brands on sale
KnowFakes Team - June 28, 2019

If you have been wondering what's wrong with your driving or has something terribly gone bad with the roads that every now and then you end up getting your tyre flat, you may like to read this news. Police has arrested a person who runs a small service shop for fixing flat tyres. Apparently camouflaging under this business he is connected to a counterfeit network that make and distribute fake tyre tubes. The modus operandi is simple, anyone who comes with flat tyre, simply replace the tube. You make money on sale of tube as well as scoring very high margin on retail price as one sources the counterfeit tyre tubes, which costs a negligible sum compared to the price of original.


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Based on details from the arrested, police further seized large quantity of packed but fake tyre tubes of brands like MRF and CEAT. Riding on the popularity and demand for such brands, it has been very easy for counterfeiters to dispose the duplicate products in the market. With easily available machines and packing tools they can copy the look of any brand. But, what they will always lack is the assurance of quality and support that has been gathered over the years through the processes of rigorous research and development by the makers of original.


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We would like to advise our all to use extra precaution in buying auto parts. This could be as critical as a matter of life and death. In case of a duplicate sub-standard tube, which is prone to burst any time, always make sure that you buy it from an authorised dealer. No harm in paying some extra money that can make your journey safer. If you still come across any challenge, please reach back to the company. They are best to help you.