Digest - fake cosmetics, tea, helmets and gas stoves all in a day

Seizure of fake products like hair oil, helmets, gas stoves and team
KnowFakes Team - September 20, 2018

U.P., Gorakhpur – Police raided a fake cosmetics manufacturing factory and seized large quantities of spurious products. Police also recovered raw material used for making the counterfeit products. A tip of by an informer lead police to a house that was suspected to store the fake cosmetics. When raid was conducted there were 8 people working at the house. Police could chase and arrest 2 of them. 6 labourers were able to abscond.


Police has recovered 5 gallons of Harpik chemical, 5000 rappers of Keshrani oil, 300 bottles and rappers of Sukun oil, 1000 rappers of Olive Reema oil, 3000 bottles without rapper for filling oil. A case has been registered as Police confiscated the material. (Source)


Uttrakhand, Dehradun – Since helmet of pillion riders made mandatory at the state, sale of them have spiked high. Unfortunately, counterfeit helmet sale has also sky rocketed as public is unaware and not able to distinguish them from the genuine ones. Now, government has warned the public to beware of such fake and low quality helmets. They are fail all quality test and cannot save life at the time of accidents. It is observed that counterfeit helmets break at the time of collision putting the rider’s life at risk. Government is planning to setup a team what will inspect and stop the sale of fake helmets. Besides this emphasis will be to only sell helmets with standards of ISI. (Source)


Rajasthan, Sri Ganganagar – Police raided a shop and seized counterfeit gas stoves of Surya brand. While the accused tried to destroy the labels, police could recover 250 counterfeit products and stickers of Surya.

Mumbai - Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raided three different places and unearthed operatives of a gang indulged in selling spurious counterfeit mill packets of famous brands. Gang’s modus operandi was to leak out the original packets with a very thin pin hole and refill them with tap water. Empty packets of the branded milk were filled with extracted milk and water to double the selling capacity. FDA recovered counterfeit packets of Amul and Gokul brands. 450 litres of fake milk seized so far. An investigation is underway. (Source)


Haryana, Sirsa – Fake packets of Priya Gold tea seized by city police on complaint of the company. There were various consumer complaints received for past some time where quality of the team was reported sub-standard. A team by the company investigated and found market being supplied with spurious tea by counterfeiters. (Source)