Dwayne Johnson fake facebook posts

The Rock clarifies on facebook fake posts in his name
KnowFakes Team - September 05, 2018

Lately, there have been too many posts circulating on the biggest and largest social media platofom, facebook, where pictures of Dwayne Johnson (aka. The Rock) shown along side fans asking people to like the post and win money. The posts and pictures of currency notes, supposed to be awarded to a chosen one, look unbelievable. As it turns out they indeed were fake and part of a scam.

Modus operandi - The purpose of these posts were to lure innocent people or fans of the actor in liking the post. Once they like the post, scammers would follow up the profile and reach out the person asking him to deposit a small amount to a bank account for them to receive the awarded money. People and fans have fallen for this in the name of their favourite actor for the credibility he cherishes at box office.

Now question arises, how come someone can use Dwayne's name so openely to create such a big scam. Well! That is the irony of social media. Anyone can imporsonate anyone and can post anything. A fraudster just has to be littel savvy in playing with pictures and videos and people can fall in the trap. This could also mean that there are far more fake or counterfeit encounters taking place online, which people are not aware of and shelling their hard earned money to them. It is important that we should be extremely careful out there.

The scam has hit the image of the actor hard. So much so that he had to tweet about his non-involvement in it and requesting people to stop liking the post and sharing it further.



You can safeguard yourself from all these scammers. KnowFakes had published an article for the education purpose of users and consumers on facebook on what all precautions to use while on the platform.

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