Death by blood counterfeiting

UP STF unearthed racket selling fake blood
KnowFakes Team - October 30, 2018

India: In a shocking discovery, Uttar Pradesh’s Special Task Force (STF) seized fake blood. Chemical mixed in water was being used to produce colour like blood and was being sold at price of INR 3500 through a blood bank. Investigation further revealed that blood back was illegal and had no licence to collect or provide blood. At the time of raid at the blood bank, STF found that none of the employees at this illegal blood making centre had any medical degree and neither there was a doctor to conduct any supervision.


Blood bank was selling spurious blood making three units of blood using chemical mixed water into two units of blood that was purchased from labourers and rickshaw pullers paying meagre Rs. 1000 to 1200.


STF had put blood bank under their surveillance for last 15 days, following complaints from different people. It is to be noticed that STF carried out the hunt and raid without involving local Police, rather they kept it absolute discrete from them, giving suspicion to the involvement of later. There may be press conference by DGP head office on Friday on this matter. (source)