Crossgates Mall Kiosk selling counterfeit

Man arrested for selling fake mobile accessories
KnowFakes Team - November 04, 2018

USA: At the Crossgate Mall of New York city police arrested a man for selling counterfeit mobiles and accessories following a complaint receive in August. Investigation by police have resulted in seizure of products which turned out to be counterfeit after raid at the a kiosk of one, Allen Mordukhaev, 25, who is charged with trademark infringement.


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450 mobile covers and cases of different brands including Otterbox, Louis Vuitton and Adidas were seized. Mobile accessories of Popsockets were also found in the raid.


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Authorites have released a general warning asking people to beware of such counterfeiting and also released tips on how to identify an original product from on that is not. One of the prime indicator is the price of the priduct, which generally in counterfeit items placed at much discounted rate than the original. it is therefore requested to be cautious and not fall trap to the lure of cheaper branded products in the name of discount and end up having a spurious quality in hand.