Ukraine fighting against counterfeit cement

Impact of 10% counterfeit cement coupled with 3% demand drop
KnowFakes Team - September 22, 2018

Ukraine is fighting against the low quality counterfeit cement. In a recent study conducted by GFK on behalf of the Ukraine cement Association under which most of the large cement producer of Ukraine come, sample of building materials from more than 180 outlets were taken. It was found that around 11% cement sold by them was not meeting the good standards. There was around 10% cement which was found counterfeit that is being sold with fake tables or in the name of popular brands.

Ukraine cement industry which is already feeling the pressure because of the low demand that has dropped by 3% in 7 months of this year, the additional impact of 10% versus 5-7 percent globally of counterfeiting is giving them hard times. There are measures being taken by the manufacturers and the government but they are proving short. The current problem also stem from recent cancellation of 1st January 2018 that expected manufacturers of building materials to certify against the standards equalling the European standards. In 2015 it was planned that by 2018 these companies will bring up their quality to the standards of European Union thus stimulating the growth of domestic building material products and also be able to export the cement to Europe. But most of the companies failed in doing so. Certification was important to protect the Ukraine products against regulations of European Union.

Meanwhile cement produces of the country are working towards improving their packaging quality to meet the demand of quality. Different manufacturers putting efforts to fight against counterfeiting. They are giving specific visual representation and better quality of packaging so that consumers or buyers can easily identify or distinguish a good cement from the bad. Similarly government is also taking measures to protect the domestic cement industry. It has already banned Import of clinker from Russia and there are investigations and underway for anti-dumping of cement from Russia, Belarus and Moldova. all in all Ukraine is working towards eradicating the counterfeiting of cement to safeguard the industry as well as consumer interest. (Source)