Fake NFL Jersey's worth $297 million

30 months of imprisonment for importing fake goods from China
KnowFakes Team - November 04, 2018

A 50 year old former middle village resident Su Ming Ling was sentenced to 30 months of imprisonment by Brooklyn federal court. Ling was prosecuted on charges of counterfeiting and importing fake jerseys of NFL Nike and UGC. He was also fined ~$13,000 for restitution in the case.


As per Department of Justice It is estimated that Ling imported counterfeit goods worth $297 million of original counterpart's market value. Imports were made between the period of May 2013 and January 2017 from China. Fakes imported in 211 containers over the time were distributed across Brooklyn, Queens and New Jersey.


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U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue said, “With today’s sentence, Ling has been held responsible for illegally importing millions of dollars worth of knockoff goods that displace consumer demand for companies’ genuine products. He added “This office is committed to prosecuting counterfeit traffickers like the defendant whose criminal conduct causes harm to the American economy.”


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Not just counterfeiting Ling also registered and used domain names and email ids resembling the local Amreican businesses in order to fill entry forms of customs. He hired professionally certified brokers and used them in filling custom form in the name of those businesses fraudulently. “These seizures by U.S. Customs and Border Protection provided the critical link to an ongoing investigation that resulted in the takedown of an elaborate criminal enterprise,” CBP Director Troy Miller said. “It is through our interagency partnerships and collaborative approaches like the one leading to today’s sentence, that saw enforcement successfully combats modern criminal organizations.”