Fake pesticides destroying farms and life of farmers.

15 beegha of farm land destroyed
Knowfakes Team - September 10, 2018

Today's news is about a farmer from Shamli, who saw his 15 bigha crop deteriorated only because the pesticide he used was fake. The farmer had bought the insecticide in a trust that the company had a good brand of pesticide but he did not know that although the pesticide was being a product by the company, it was actually a fake spurious lookalike. The farmer used it, but due to being fake it had no effect on the insects. As a result, all his crops were destroyed while he could gaze but can't do anything. The destruction of his crop arose problem for the farmer, right from his livelihood to the upbringing of his family.

Likewise, there are a lot many other farmers who are affected by the distribution and sale of counterfeit pesticides, fertilizer, urea and other agricultural products. Ironically farmers do not have any way to find out, before buying any product, that it is real or fake. Farmers can not use different types of solutions like internet or mobile apps as their urban counterparts do. The use of smartphones is not so much there in villages. For this reason the farmers can only rely upon the true or false phrases of retailers or wholesalers found near them. In such a situation it is necessary that farmers should be provided with such methods so that they get the real time support on agricultural products with easy and hassle free efforts. Something that is as easy as just sending and receiving an SMS.