GUCCI filed a federal suit against counterfeiters

The luxury brand GUCCI approached Florida court against 63
KnowFakes Team - September 28, 2018

US – GUCCI, the seller of luxury goods through its chain of boutiques, on September 20th 2018, filed a federal suit, COMPLAINT FOR DAMAGES AND INJUNCTIVE RELIEF, at Florida, against few people and business on charges of counterfeiting of their products. There are 63 entities that have been named in the suit for selling products using GUCCI label or name, infringing IP of the company. GUCCI is seeking immediate action against the alleged culprits on accounts of damages alleging trademark counterfeiting and infringement, false designation of origin, common law unfair competition and common law trademark infringement.


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According to the suit, GUCCI products were offered and sold through online e-commerce sites like and for their product range of handbags, clothing, scarves, purses, watches, shoes, and mobile electronic covers and cases. Gucci says they could check and identify the counterfeit sellers through their identification numbers given on the said e-commerce websites. They all belonged to Florida, hence, Gucci filed the suit in the state.