HP and Samsung cartridges seizure by UAE authorities

46000 counterfeit cartridges of different brands recovered
KnowFakes Team - September 17, 2018

HP stated that UAE authorities helped them seized more than 46,000 toner cartridges this year. Cartridges of other brands like Samsung were also captured. As per the company official statment the seizure has helped in disruption of the counterfeits ring. The illicit versions of the products were discovered from residence areas and farm storages.

But, when it comes to the cartridges it is a problem of plenty. Entering into this business and forging of cartridges has become very easy. With little knowledge out there on how to distinguish an original product from the fake one, s selling them have never been a problem. Also, consumers have been seeking out the grey market version due to vast difference of price between a counterfeit cartridge and its genuine counterpart. Mind it refilling is yet another menace that HP or Samsung or many other brands in toner cartridges business have not got any control on, yet. (Source)