The accident -you thought you would not cause!

The accident -you thought you would not cause!
Raman Kalia - August 31, 2018

Ravi on his accident: “No it was not the other vehicle/guy that was responsible for it. Neither the traffic signals had problem. It was not even coincident. Yet, the accident happened. You would be surprised to know that despite all of the above I was the only person responsible for it. I end up losing my car, fortunately not my life (I’m grateful for that). There are other hassles of Police, hospital and trauma to the dear ones as added ironies that must be counted for”. End of story.


Cutting the long story short and just to summarize why Ravi blames himself for the accident even though he was drive sane is just because of the fact that he happened to made little cut on expense during his last visit to service station. Not that he got it half done. It just that he got sold to the idea of buying a product that was branded but much cheaper that regular market price. He had his suspicions but the mere opportunity of discount blinded all his thoughts. As he got that the part fitted in his car, he would have been thinking; even if it turns out fake, it would last some time giving enough mileage. Second, who wants to spend money up-front for a marginal risk? Neither him not you would recall anyone facing issues due to counterfeit or fake products in your knowledge. Hence, Ravi didn’t know at the time that he could be one such example.

This is just one of the numerous cases that are coming up and growing fast among us. Counterfeiters have found weakness in us. The same weakness is exploited by thugs when they bait us with money multiplication offers. We fall prey to them and we do to counterfeiters as well.



Fake auto parts are very common. Inferior products brought in through illicit channels that are wrapped in the name of the brand we trust. The problem is becoming grim as latest automobiles come fitted with more electronic parts. If we go by consumer electronic market where fake % stands at around 100% duplicate, automobile are likely to have more failure and accidents. Not that we are trying to scare here. Only awareness is required to overcome the situation now and future. KNOWFAKESTM recommends checking the product if it looks like what it should be, follow guidelines by the manufacturers in identifying originals. Look for consumption duration or expiry dates. Most critically, use solutions, KNOWFAKES that is handy and can help you do it all for you in real time, at the time of purchase. You can also use KNOWFAKES to report fakes and rate the quality of OEM products.


Last but not least, refrain from the practice of buying products that you suspect but pick up just because they are cheap.