Cheated on Facebook? Read This!

Cheated on Facebook? Read This!
Raman Kalia - September 04, 2018

While I will come to Indian counterfeiters further in the article, I would like to start with a recent news report mentioning how UK authorities have been working hard to trap and catch counterfeiters selling fake goods through social media websites. The sale was rampant and continues to be so. It was observed that duplicates of many products were listed by mushrooming and independent sellers making it hard to cut the wires from the jack. Reason being, these sellers, like any unorganized market, have numerous sources of counterfeits and not bound by any common link. There are counterfeits of cosmetics, electronic items, watches, leather goods and in some cases medicines also available, that too in abundance. In almost all the cases reported to the police there was a common strategy used by the duplicators to entrap the buyers. It was price point! The offers were so cheap that gullible people, from all walks of life, got attracted to them.

Close home, another news made rounds. Fake iPhones selling racket was busted at Hyderabad, India. There were Chinese phones of lookalike of apple phones seized. It turned out that a bunch of low rung thugs, who used to sell duplicate denim brands at Karol Bagh, Delhi, went online with phones from grey (Gaffar) market, Delhi. These thugs were neither very educated nor tech savvy yet extremely successful in making fool of some of society’s upper lot. Their customers included engineers, IT executives and businessmen and many more. All of them had fallen prey to the same strategy that their counterparts at UK did. The lure was to show off the dala in hand without spending much of it actually worth. So, if you think you cannot be cheated online, you might well be next target of advertising on Facebook

It is said that one isn't that pretty as one looks on Facebook. Applying same analogy to the products; not all that sells online could really be original. We are in a connected world now and anyone can reach us or at least show their products to us without making much of efforts. It makes far easier to upload smart pictures of popular brands, lure people to engage and buy fakes instead. Therefore, it is time to be conscious of our online dealings. Trusting good looking advertisement will be foolish. Since there are no free lunches in the world and a price point much cheaper than the average may most likely have something wrong with it.

Question arises; how to overcome the challenges of counterfeits? I would say many ways actually! One, don't believe all what you see against a price point. Second, use methods to identify and distinguish a genuine vs fake product. These could include, researching about the market, seller and the product before making a purchase. Use websites like where one can find product specific guidelines that help identify a genuine product. Few manufacturers also provide interactive solutions from KNOWFAKES and place unique code for every packet or SKU that can be verified in real-time online. If you come across fakes or have been victim to illicit or spurious product, take help of the online platforms. One such is given on our website. It bridges the gap between consumer and manufacturer and other authorities.