What is holding you back? A question to manufacturers

What is holding you back? A question to manufacturers
Rahul Agarwal - September 04, 2018

With five states in India going to elections and candidates wooing the voters, announcements of soaps and distribution of freebies is integral. Candidates will use these tactics discreet if not open. It is also understood that no campaign in India can be conducted without the distribution of liquor to the workers. The practice has also given rise to the importing or sneaking in the liquor from other states to built-up the supplies much before the actual conveyance begun.

A truck load of medicine is seized during a raid by police. It turns out that the regular pharmacies were selling fake and spurious medicines. The drugs were made and packaged locally. The makers were not of the higher literate lot (similar to our other story on fake iPhone sellers, read here) with no medical or scientific degrees. After all, you just need to mix two salts or not even that to make a spurious drug.

These are just two different examples having same analogy behind them. Make fakes but package them right, rest, is done for you by the company, i.e. original manufacturer, from their heavy marketing budget. The subject we are trying to cover in this article is not just about the spread of fake products and easy development and sale of them. What we are concerned about here are the efforts or lack of them by those companies manufacturing the originals. Though consumers are mostly oblivious to growing menace of fakes and we don't blame them entirely for buying them. It is the manufacturers who are not taking up the challenges seriously or failing to keep up to them, forget charging with advancement.

Let us also look at some of the reasons that are pushing the manufacturers behind. A few of them are expressed in person to us.

First and foremost is the apprehension, synonym to coming out of the closet, to accept that a fake of their product exists. None of the manufacturers want to take chances with their sales and are living with the notion that their business will take a hit if confirmed of counterfeits

Second, most of the manufactures are still operating with medieval tools that are inadequate to curb the problem.
Third, approach is not comprehensive and mostly reactive.

There is fourth reason, though denounced by all; where a manufacturer might ship out production without bringing it to the notice of the government agencies. This fourth reason is the root of black market or parallel economy in the country.

While fighting against the fakes, we have learned that manufactures have to take up the responsibility with more rigors now. They must task ahead to help their end consumers in identifying the genuine products. There are number ways in doing this;

A manufacturer can promote a campaign of rewards or discounts to boost the sale of genuine products.

They also got to move to the tools based on latest technology that can track a sale and inform about product originality to both, them as well as consumer.

Take vaccination approach instead of culling at the time of outbreak. Hence, use online platforms like KNOWFAKES
instead of backend teams (legal or detectives), which are too few in numbers and susceptible to connivance. The online platform spreads the reach by assuming the consumers as detectives of a manufacturer and the job of, e.g., 100 odd detectives will be taken up by millions of end users.

As far as the matter of black market is concerned, looking through the window of recent decisions by the government. It will be harder for black marketer to confide sales through backdoor channels now. Emphasis on digital payments will eventually make way for larger and authentic reporting. Therefore, time has come to remove ambiguities and add value to the economy.

We believe KNOWFAKES service is the answer to all the questions raised above and solution we just put up. It is technology based, proactive, inclusive and of great benefit to manufactures, while able to kill the business model of counterfeiters and guarding consumers against them. KNOWFAKES is simple to adopt by manufactures and extremely easy to operate by consumers using options like SMS, mobile app or website.