Wearing dark shine - Truth of cheap cosmetics

Wearing dark shine - Truth of cheap cosmetics
Rahul Agarwal - September 04, 2018

A branded cosmetic product sold by a road side hawker is going cheap at local market near you. He is offering more than 50% discount on MRP and selling like hot cakes. He is bearing all the losses as no one else, not the store nearby and neither a swanky shop at the largest mall in your city can do so. Absolute philanthropic! He cares so much for the good looks of the mankind. Is he? Let us find out.

Reality check! The seller cannot be philanthropic else he would have given away all the stuff for free. We must remember that he is into doing business and it is done for profit. Hence, the discounted price still has to earn him some money. For him to make that profit, he must be selling something that should not cost the price of the original product. The pack may be look like one but content may not be. Cost has to be saved somewhere, if not on the looks then on the quality. Chances are that the cosmetic one buys is spurious.

Another story another place, seller claims to obtain the cosmetics from a man in the middle of supply chain of the manufacturing company. The man steals off pilferages. He is making you partner in crime, the heist, and giving away stolen packs at cheaper price.


Reality check! First and foremost, it is morally not right to buy product a proclaimed or labelled as stolen. We don’t leave a good message to the society doing so. Second, Is the manufacturer’s system so blind to leave such pilferages undetected throughout the year. I’m saying that as we don’t see such sales as one off case. They continue to be available at the market all the time. Could it be the product being sold isn't original and just carries the name and look of one. Certainly it is.

In either of the cases above, or may be many more like them, what is being sold in the name of branded beauty products are actually fake items. They may be having a cover, a camouflage, of the brand you want, but, actually, it is the spuriousness hidden inside the packet you buy. My advice, be cautious of the fact that not everything that glitters is gold and not every branded item, especially going cheap is a result of good nature of a seller or one off deal of stolen products or even clearance sale from the manufacturer. Let us be educated enough to know what goes behind in identifying and separating a genuine from counterfeit product. Let us use solutions that help us in doing that.